At Yashcotyarn Pvt Ltd , We are proud and happy that our facility and Machine System comes under Modern Factory & Tech Driven Factory.


At Yashcotyran Pvt Ltd we give immense importance to the quality of products we manufacture.

Our Goal is to serve the best.

Testing Equipment

For Producing the best quality material as well as to focus on growth, We have installed high-tech quality control and testing equipment.

Location Advantage

Yashcotyarn Pvt ltd Company is strategically located around  the industrial area in Borgaon Manju,Akola.



At Yashcotyarn Pvt Ltd we are manufacturing yarn from different types of fibres into a continuous length from one or more type of fibers.

The Capacity of Machine :

1.The Capacity of the Spinning Machine is 2000 Tons /Annum
2.The Capacity of Knitting Machine is 1800 Tons / Annum.
3.The Capacity of the Dyeing Machine is 1800 Tons / Annum
4.The Capacity of The Garmenting Machine is 36,00,000 Pieces / Annum.
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